Updating a Course Renewal Interval

Question: How do I update the time period that a course is required to be retaken in? 

You will first want to change the default course renewal interval following these steps

  • Admin
  • Courses (left side menu)
  • Manage
  • Choose the category that your course falls under
  • Select the name of the course
  • Use the renewal interval dropdowns to adjust the amount of time required between refresher.
  • Update (Bottom right corner)

Keep in mind that this is the default time period used to calculate the expiration date moving forward. This does not automatically update any current records in SafetyPlusWeb. For a little explanation regarding why the system functions this way, please see the explanation blurb at the end of this article.

To update current records, I recommend pulling a report of these records from the home tab:

  • Home
  • Trainings
  • Current (default)
  • Type the name of the course into the search box at the top of the "Course Title" column
  • Export to Excel

Now that you have a list of completion dates to reference, you will want to re-key these into SafetyPlusWeb using the Wizards tab. As you re-enter these values, the expiration date will now be calculated using the new renewal interval that you set. To track why the course is being re-entered, we recommend using the Training Type "other" and adding "expiration change" as the comment in the other text box. 

Thank you for using SafetyPlusWeb for your safety management needs!

SafetyPlusWeb Explained:

When you key a record into SafetyPlusWeb, you are able to choose to set a different expiration period that the one that is set as a default for the course. This can be a helpful tool for things like driver’s medical exams that can have varied expirations periods based off of the driver’s physical conditions. In another scenario, a regulation could change affecting the expiration period for a course, but employees who took the course before the regulation changed may be grandfathering into the previous renewal period. Because there is an intentional choice when the data is entered into the system as to what the expiration date for the specific records should be and because of the variety of reasons/scenarios that may be causing a default expiration period to change, SafetyPlusWeb is built so that the expiration date on existing records is not going to be updated when you change the default – any changes to the due dates must also be intentionally made.

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