How can I track disciplinary action against employees for safety infractions?

There are a few options for you in SafetyPlusWeb. The "Behavior Inspection" option is most likely going to be the best option but you can check out all three to see what will best suit your needs.

1) EMPLOYEE DOCUMENT: Upload a document to the employee's page but make it confidential so that they will not be able to see it. This is done from Home > select specific employee name > documents > upload documents > select documents > Select file from your computer> Save> Click yes for confidential
2) EMPLOYEE NOTE: Make a note in the employee edit file by going to Admin > Company > Employees > select specific employee > notes > Typing notes into the top text box
3) BEHAVIOR INSPECTION: Create a new inspection with the inspection type "behavior." This can be done in the Inspection Wizard and later viewed in the Inspections section of the Home tab. This will allow you to track severity of the incident and and follow-up actions that may be to be taken.

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