How to find a list of courses that are expired beyond 120 days

By Department: Log into SPW and go to the Reports Tab > Training Reports > Expired/Not Taken > Use the drop-down menus to select your department and course type > Use the export dropdown to export the report into Excel > click export > When Excel opens and you have the report, you will want to sort the report by “Date Expired” because the full report is going to list all of the topics that have never been completed or that have expired at any point. After you sort, just delete everything that has been expired for less than 120 days. 

By Supervisor:  Follow the same steps but with slight variations as follows: Go to Reports > Training > Due/Expired/Not Taken by Supervisor > Set the “Days until do” drop-down to “Due by Today” > select your supervisor and course type > export the report into Excel > sort the report by date > delete anything expired for less than 120 days.

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