How do I change a course's expiration date?

If changing the expiration date on a course for a specific employee: you need to first revert the previously-entered training and then re-enter the training with a new expiration date. This is the step-by-step:

- From the home page, go to that employee's "employee detail page" > scroll to find the specific course > click the “Revert” button for that course. Now you need to re-enter the training as follows…

- Go to wizards > training > enter the training type and date the course was completed > select the employee > select the course > now you have the opportunity to change his expiration data (in the field just above comments) > change the expiration date > click next and submit the training. This course (for this employee) will now expire on the date you have chosen. 

If changing the expiration date on a specific course:

- Go to the admin tab > select courses > select manage > select the course category (in this case “Company Specific”) > click directly on the name of the course > adjust the Renewal Period > save your changes. Now any future course certifications will expire after the renewal time you have just set. 

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