How can I tell who has taken a specific course and who is yet to complete it?

There are a few ways to do this:

1) On the home screen click the training tab. There are then tabs for Completed, Due, Expired, and Not Taken. Select the one you want and then either view the list as is, or you can filter by typing in the name of an employee or the name of a course or sort by date.

2) You can go to Reports and pull any one of several different reports depending on what you are looking for. Let’s say you want to see who has not taken the Hazcom training yet… You would go to Reports > Training > Expired / Not Taken by Topic > Set Hazardous Communications (Hazcom) as the course > Select All Departments, and you have your report. This report can also be exported if you need to send it to someone via email.

3) If you were just wondering about a particular employee, you could find that employee and go to his or her employee detail page and search either the completed training or expired / not taken training tab.

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